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Why should I support VAU?

We are efficient and maximize the impact of your donation.

As Norwegian armed forces veterans, we understand the needs of the ukrainian soldiers and we have extensive contacts with local nordic suppliers of high quality gear at excellent prices.

How much of my donation directly supports the cause? 

For every dollar/ euros/ crowns, we are able to get 3 times the corresponding value in delivered gear. 

Quackery? Too good to be true? 

To achieve this, we negotiate deals with suppliers in the nordics at very low prices well below market rates.

We are small and nimble with 0 overhead costs and hope to keep it that way as long as possible. So all your donation go into supplies and logistics to bring it in country. 

Western governments supply lots of hardware. Why do the ukrainian military need more? What more do you bring? 

Fair question! 

It is true that western countries provide substantial financing support and military hardware to suppport the ukrainian war effort. 

However the timescale and status on the ground shows that this support is still not enough to expedite the war and push the enemy out of ukrainian territory. 

- every extra helps bring Victory day a step closer.

- our contribution is targeted with smart and effective choices based on our military experience

- we also aim to provide "soft" support to vets families, for killed or wounded in forms of gifts and winter clothing.

Other questions?

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